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Incorporated in 1982, Jyoti Paper Corporation is an accredited supplier of high quality BOARD as well as PAPER that can be used for domestic or industrial application.

We belive in creating value to our customers. We understand the customers' requirements fully, collaborate with the customer and optimize the specification of the size, grammage and other features, so as to minimize the cost and give the best product.

To meet the urgent and small requirements of our customers, we have currently 2 warehouses. Our warehouses are situated in strategic locations covering whole Mumbai



 It is a coated board manufactured either by, coating a pulp board on both sides with material containing adhesives, like kaolin. Or by lamination of two chrome sheets (coated on one side) with the help of an adhesive, so that the board is suitable for fine screen half tone work.

The process of coating remains the same as above but instead of board paper is used. It generally possesses high finish, smoothness and gloss.

The % of ash resulting from the complete combustion of a specific weight of cellulosic material, such as wood pulp and paper, in which all the carbon, combustibles and volatile compounds are removed. It is an indication of the amount of mineral salts, inorganic matter, filler, coating, pigmentation and chemical additive contents in paper sheet.


It is a paperboard of a substance not below of 180 g/m2 characterised by its rigidity .

A class of board frequently lined on one or both sides, with good folding properties and used for making box and cartons.

The calculated limiting length of a strip of paperboard of uniform width beyond which, if such a strip be suspended by one end, it would break by its own weight. It is usually expressed in metres.

This term is expressed either in points or in % and it correlates roughly with the whiteness of the sheet. It is the intrinsic reflectance factor measured at an effective wavelength of 457nm with a reflectometer having specified characteristics.

The quotient of the bursting strength (expressed in g/cm2 ) and the substance of paperboard (expressed in g/cm2) determined by standard methods of test.

The hydrostatic pressure applied at right angles to the surface at which rupture of a circular area of the paperboard occurs under prescribed conditions of test. This is generally expressed in kgf/cm2.


The paperboard to which some degree of smoothness and gloss has been imparted by passing it between a stack of heavy cast-iron rolls with chilled hardened surface. This calendaring process makes the paperboard more uniform in thickness.

 It is the distance between two circular planer substances. It is expressed in micrometers under a pressure of 8 to 9 lbs per square inch. It is either expressed in mils (thousandths of an inch) or as microns (ten thousandths of an inch).

 A method for measuring the water absorption of sized paperboard, by determining the mass of water absorbed through one surface under a definite temperature, pressure and time.

 It is defined as the maximum compression force per unit width that a paperboard sample can withstand in a compression test without buckling or bending. The result is expressed in kN/m.

The dimension of a paperboard at right angles to the machine direction.


 It is the weight per unit volume. It is the compactness of the paperboard. The density is calculated as the ratio of gram and thickness in kg/m3. It is the reciprocal of the bulk.

 Width of paperboard machine at wet end, usually allowing some adjustments.

Paperboard consisting of two furnish layers fitted together during manufacture by pressure while still moist without the use of adhesive.


FOLDING BOXBOARD: Pure or mechanical boards, white tinted or coated on one side sometimes machine glazed ( or nature lined) having good folding properties. It is a thin board between 0.25 and 1.1mm thick suitable for making cartons. it is also called as Carton Board.


Gloss is the geometrically selective reflectance of a surface responsible for shiny or lustrous appearance. It is the % of light that is reflected from the surface at an angle equal to the angle of incidence in comparison with a standard surface.

A characteristic of the surface of a paperboard caused by the preferential orientation of fibre during formation on the wire part in machine direction.

A homogeneous board made usually of mixed waste papers with or without screening and mechanical pulp on a continuous board machine, in thickness less than 1mm.


KRAFT LINER: A liner made from a furnish containing mechanically strong unbleached pulp made by kraft process of cooking.


LINER BOARD: Paperboard used for flat facings in corrugated fibreboard, also as the outer ply or plies of solid fibreboard.